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Полный спектр услуг по SIP звонкам и SMS регистраций.

TarasikUk777 25.10.2021
Полный спектр услуг по SIP звонкам и SMS регистраций.

Аналогов нет.
SIP телефония работает от реальных сим-карт, номера не виртуальные.

SMS приходят в телеграмм бот, звонки софтфон ( android, ios, windows ).
Голос шифруется алгоритмом AES ключом до 256 бит.
SIP заголовки шифруются протоколом TLS.

Идеально подходит для быстрой регистрации Авито, б/к контор, кошельков, фин. операций.
Аренда SIM под прием смс, Sip телефония, Telegram-bot.

Рассмотрю варианты подключения ваших сим-карт для смс и звонков, в этом случае нужно отправить их в регион.
В наличии сим-карты стран USA, DE, UK, RU и другие.
Цены от 1000 рублей за месяц аренды.

Настрою Ваше Goip оборудование удаленно, для звонков и смс.
Продам готовое оборудование Goip.

Продам сим-карты РФ +7495, Англия, Германия, США, Хорватия, Нидерланды, Швеция.

Koнтaкты: @TarasikUK

Наш канал: @sipsmstelefon

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Part time Job Offer/10-12 hours per week

Limusllc 26.10.2021
LIMUS INC is a classified ads website for buy and sell everything.

We connect buyers and sellers all round the world, with more than half million listings across hundreds of categories you can buy, sell and find just about everything.

I am pleased to extend the following offer of employment to you.
This is a part time position.

We are currently looking for a "Shipping & Receiving Clerk" to join our team.

Working hours.

This is a part time position requiring approximately 10-12 hours per week. Your regular weekly schedule will be from Monday to Thursday.


For Shipping & Receiving Clerk position, we are offering a fixed bonus of $20 per each completed task in time
Commission will payed for each processed order immediately.

If this is something that interests you, please reach back to me
via company email - info@hrlimus.com
Then we will send you a full package of our documents and instructions, and after a short telephone interview you can join our team.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Mark Kaminsky
Human Resources Manager


Q: How many packages will I receive per month?
A: From 20 to 100.
Q: How will I be paid?
A: You will receive a payroll by Direct deposit or PayPal.
Q: When would I get paid?
A: You’ll get paid for each processed order on the same day.
Q: Does the job begin after signing the agreement?
A: Yes. But you'll wait about 2-5 days for your first package.
Q: Is there a face-to-face or a phone interview that will take place before I'll start working?
A: We have a lot of employees over the world. So, we prefer phone calls and email.
Q: How soon can I start?
A: After you'll sign an agreement with us.

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